Fallout 3: The Lone Wanderer Fights for Decency

The Lone Wanderer killed everything in the Satellite Facility.  They deserved it, after all.  With Liberty Prime… well, let’s just say Broken Steel, the Enclave deserved every laser and plasma blast.

In fact, he was in such a zeal for death and destruction that many of the crates and shelves were simply skipped past.  Upon downloading the encrypted transmission, the Lone Wanderer back-tracked and hunted for any spare ammo and other goodies.

However, fate had something different in mind.

Lo!  As the Lone Wanderer imagined himself falling down the stairwell to his death (it felt like deja vu), the Enclave had him surrounded!  He turned on V.A.T.S. and noticed… they weren’t wearing… clothes.  Well, sure, t-shirts and shorts, but their armor was missing.

Now, in addition to killing just about every good person in sight, the Enclave had now declared a war on Decency.  This could not stand.

Dude, wear some pants

Never mind me...

Let's see what kind of loot these indecent mongrels have

They... have power armor... but they're not wearing it?

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