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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Scribblenauts may be the best video-game-as-a-toy of all time.  Sure, most games try to excel when it comes to gameplay, story, or even graphics… but Scribblenauts is simply fun.

The game is essentially a series of puzzles.  To solve the puzzles, you can conjure just about any non-trademarked noun available by typing it in.

For example: want to kill a shark swimming around?  Drop a toaster into the water.

Best of all, there is a completely unstructured ‘sandbox’ you can play in, where you can see how different things interact with each other.  You can summon pirates, ninjas, god, lions, giant squids… just about everything, and usually they’ll attack each other.

I summoned a ‘blob’, basically a stereotypical green-gooey sentient blob.  The blob seemed to be the most powerful creature in the game… it handily defeated god, lion, tiger, devil, giant squid, leviathan, colossus, soldier, zombie, robot zombie, puma, bear, and everything.

Except vampire.  Blob and vampire will fight forever, neither able to harm each other.

However, terrorist can defeat blob… sort of.  When the terrorist dies, he blows up, taking the blob with him.

The terrorist cannot kill vampire, because the vampire turns the terrorist into a vampire-minion before he can die.

At one time, Santa ran for his life from the vampire and a vampire minion.  They decided to kill Santa, instead of turning him.

However, I gave Santa some garlic, and boy, vampire ran away and cowered in a corner.  I accidentally made Santa drop the garlic, which fell on the vampire’s head, vanquishing him.

I just have the greatest grin in my face when I play this game.

Lego Mario: Venturing into the Third Dimension

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Question Mark Block

I used up nearly every yellow Lego brick in my growing collection, and succeeded in creating a four-sided question-mark cube.

A friend at work noted that this could make an excellent Kleenex holder or candy bowl, er box.  It’s hollow, and the mushroom is actually sitting in a little hole.