Kool-Aid Disposal: Introduction

Whilst placing everything I owned into boxes, I noticed that I had a couple dozen Kool-Aid packets sitting in a cupboard.  The last time I made Kool-Aid, I left an unfinished pitcher in my refrigerator for the better part of a year.

Life-Lesson: Kool-Aid can, in fact, get moldy.

I need to dispose of these Kool-Aid packets, but throwing them away just seems like a waste.  So, I’m going to use these remaining packets in unusual ways, such as mixed in food or a non-water liquid.

For example, what happens if you mix Strawberry Kool-Aid with macaroni and cheese?  Something horrible, I’m sure, so I doubt I’ll try that.  But that’s the angle I’m going towards.

Expect to see some of these ratings graphics in the near future:




One Response to “Kool-Aid Disposal: Introduction”

  1. Carrie Says:

    LOL! That’s gonna be awesome!