Tools You Must Use

  1. WhoLockMe – Have you ever tried to delete a file or directory, and Windows tells you that it cannot allow you to do that, Dave? Dr. Hoiby created WhoLockMe to tell you which process has placed a lock on that file. Once the process is dead, you can delete the file.
  2. TrayIt! – Some commonly used applications will insist on consuming an entry in the Windows taskbar, and do not have the ability to be minimized to the system tray. With TrayIt!, simply hold Ctrl or Shift down while minimizing a window, and it appears in the tray next to the clock. Hooray.
  3. TeraCopy – Windows hates your freedom… to copy a large number of files from place-to-place. Sometimes, a file will be locked, and the file copy process will be aborted. TeraCopy replaces the standard Windows copy function, and displays error messages for each file that failed to copy, and it will actually continue to copy the rest of the files. Amazing!

One Response to “Tools You Must Use”

  1. DaVince Says:

    I use Unlocker for the first. TeraCopy seems very useful to avoid that bad design problem in Windows.